Zara Lookbook (March)

Is this amazing or is this amazing?
These are some looks from the new Zara Lookbook (you can find it online here) I absolutely ADORE! First of all I have to get my hands on that white blouse with the studded collar plus the white jumpsuit and if there's an article about a bloody fight in a local Zara store.. "it wasn't me"! haha
By the way: I have to show you my new heels. They're from.. surprise.. Zara and I actually had some kind of "virtual fight" to get them.
Are there any FASHION FIGHTERS out there? Please say "hi".

Love, Vanouska.

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4 Responses to “Zara Lookbook (March)”

  1. amazing!

  2. ZARA is so great right now!

  3. wow!! love it!!!