Here I am, back in rainy and cold Germany.
About two and a half weeks ago we (my boyfriend and I) started a trip to Mexico. After a 12 hour flight and one and a half hours in a bus, we reached our hotel at Riviera Mayan coast. The Grand Palladium is integrated into a huge mangrove forest where you can see a lot of animals. We really enjoyed the long walks from our room to the different restaurants because 1) we saw colorful birds and butterflies relaxing between trees and palms and 2) killed some of the calories we consumed every day ;P

Within the two weeks we stayed there we fell in love with the friendly mexican people, the culture and the absolutely breathtaking nature.
Thank you Mexico for having us!

Ps: I really hope you enjoy the first part of this photo diary and in the meantime I prepare a little video ;)

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